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Dalton Craven

Student & Developer

Hello! My name is Dalton Craven. It’s hard to introduce myself over the internet, but here’s a little bit about me:


I’m a senior at the University of South Carolina. I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a major in computer science and a minor in psychology (weird, right?). I’m also a McNair Scholar as part of UofSC’s most prestigious scholarship program, the University Top Scholars.

Study Abroad

I have had multiple study- and work-abroad experiences while at university. I studied for both semesters of 2021 at the American University of Paris, weathering lockdowns & strikes while gaining valuable life experience. While at AUP, I completed coursework in both computer science & psychology, as well as in French language and culture.


In the summer of 2021, in between my two semesters of study abroad, I completed my fifth internship at Qantev, working primarily as a front-end developer on a React-based application. I also learned Python and Pandas to single-handedly work on the "full stack" of a new feature.

I then returned to Qantev during summer 2022, focusing on migrating our codebase from Javascript to Typescript. Over my 3–month period, I coordinated the refactoring of 55% of our files and oversaw the implementation of new TypeScript-specific best practices.


I also do freelance web development! I work primarily with small businesses (although I’m open to other opportunities), with an emphasis on providing resources and training to ensure long-term functionality.

To learn more about my work, feel free to visit my résumé or contact me at the links below.